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Fashion Is In The Sky, And On The Streets, And Everywhere

From the very days of human history, people have inclined towards maintaining a standard lifestyle, something that is normal and goes with the majority. In the same era, there have been people experimenting with new ideas of living, hygiene, food and eating habits, and much more. When humans began to cover their bodies to save themselves from insects and dust, from the weather, they wanted to keep them warm on colder seasons and keep them dry in the wet seasons. And, thus through the centuries and millennia, a sense of fashion grew. It covered from the sense of dressing oneself to the way you carry yourself in the public.

What followed soon?
When such an interest started to grow by many times among people, and when the population grew and expanded across different regions of the world, people began to accumulate experiences. They started to experiment with themselves through mere observation and imitation. There came schools to teach these observations to newcomers and younger people so that the knowledge is carried forward through time. There were special events for fashion and there were fashion stylist schools where these events were planned. Whenever a special occasion was held, it was a time for these schools to compete amongst each other and create the new trend in the crowd. The same has been driving until today and fashion is getting a new idea somewhere in the world, with or without our knowledge. It is usually restricted to very few people and takes, at times, over half a century to become any mainstream and reach the masses. For example, the clothing lines of people in the 18th century continued for almost 70 years to reach the masses, and by that time, there were already new trends and their fashion had become obsolete.

How does it follow a vicious circle?
Today, one can follow some online fashion courses and get an overall idea of the trendsetters across centuries, come to know about some of the greatest thinkers whose ideas were accepted massively and some whose ideas became the icon of the rebel. There have been many such instances in the history where the technological advancements were on a boost. At the same time, however, in the midst of jungles and deserts were tribes living in isolated from the developing world had been preserving their own sense of fashion through centuries. As they find a chance to exchange for their trendsetters, and thus the vicious circle completes one round. For more information, please click here.