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How To Get An Airline Job

The aviation industry has always been glamourous in the eyes of the public. The industry continued to boom from the time the Wright brothers made the first airplane. There were many significant dates in this industry which has helped create the industry that is now continuing to expand and therefore has many jobs available for those who are looking for jobs in this industry. There are varieties of jobs available and airlines and airports are continuously looking for individuals to fill these positions and help with the workload. Regardless of your gender, you will be accepted in this industry.

The requirements

You will need to ensure that you have the educational qualifications. Based on the job vacancy that you are applying for, you will need to have the respective qualifications sorted out. For example, the requirement of a pilot and a cabin crew will differ and therefore, do your research about the requirements thoroughly. Make sure that you choose the correct aviation diploma course or degree to move forward.

Physical requirements

To become a pilot or a cabin crew there are certain physical requirements that need to be met. As a pilot you will need to ensure that your height, vision, fitness and other factors are met as this is a very risky and responsible job. If you follow an aviation safety officer course or aviation safety auditing, you will not have to worry about any physical requirements as long as you are fit.

Security test

As this is a very sensitive industry in terms of security, a background check will be done to ensure that you are not a threat to the workplace. There are forms that must be filled and your record needs to be clean.


Airlines, aviation or travel agencies will always post their job vacancies on their websites and also will post on other companies that help recruit. There are global websites that also have job vacancies listed out. You can always use your contacts and try to find a job as well.

Cover letter and resume

Make sure that your cover letter and resume is professional and that no slang is used. You need to portrait yourself as someone who will be able to handle many changes and adapt that is happening around you.

Preparing the interview

Go through the job description and do your homework about the company. You should be able to answer questions about the company and also about the trends in the industry.

Be yourself and always remember that if you work hard and you are always honest, you will be able to make a name in the industry! Good luck!