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The Myths Evolved Around Trade With The Chinese

We all know and make a joke out of the Great Wall of China, that it is the only thing that the Chinese have built that lasted this long. And so, we all believe that China means fake and bad stuff. And that anything bought from there is ought to break with the couple of days to come or within the next hour at max. but what we don’t realize is that though the Chinese have been branded as such, especially when it comes to their products, not everything they make is bound to break and not everything they make is a fake. Sure there might be cheap Gucci boots or iPhones available for sale, but this doesn’t mean that it is applicable to all things manufactured there. While there are duplicates and fakes, there are originals as well. here are some other myths you need to know that revolve around the trade with the Chinese.

They don’t speak English

Well at some point or the other as foreigners dealing with another nation, the first language we attempt to communicate in, is English. If that doesn’t work out, then it’s probably going to have be dragged out and emphasized English and if that doesn’t work out as well, then we go for the ultimate option of signs and signals! And because of this, we tend to assume that every Asian probably doesn’t understand or know English. Especially when it is with consideration to East Asia. And this is exactly where China falls under, but this is a mere myth. This is the 21st century, everyone knows at least some English to a certain extent and if that doesn’t work out, then they would probably have a translator with them, one that could help eliminate this communication barrier that is between the two parties. And so when how to import from china to Australia don’t worry about not being able to pass your message through, they would get it, just make sure to keep it simple!

They are going to steal off you

Sure there is a lot of fake stuff and bad merchants out there. It is present in any part of the world, those that do an honest business while those that cheat their way through. This isn’t common and specific only to East Asia. And it is because of this that you need to make sure you take the necessary action in order to avoid being a prey to it. Set out face to face skype conversations with the supplier and get them to show you how things are functioning in the other end, and how the products truly look like by requesting for samples. This when you are importing goods to Australia you can avoid the costs that come these fake duplicates and immoral merchandisers. Don’t believe that all are out there to steal from you and avoid purchasing from there altogether, because they aren’t, and purchasing from there does have many benefits you could earn for your business’s success and future! Be aware of the many other myths as well, and make rational decisions before you make purchases from any part of the world!