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Things To Be Done For Getting Heavy Rigid Truck License

Heavy rigid truck is commonly used for the commercial and industrial purpose. To drive such kind of truck, HR training of Brisbane is needed otherwise, we can have our hands on the truck to drive. Also, we need to have a special license to drive a heavy rigid truck.

Types of Heavy Rigid Truck

There are two types of truck.

Restricted Truck:

Restricted truck is automatic and there is no extra gear box attached in it to change the things. We can drive it like an automatic car.

Unrestricted Truck:

Car Driving License has a gear box. A driver needs to require extra expertise in driving this truck. To excess the gear, we have to double the clutch. A normal HR driver don’t allow to drive unrestricted truck.

The Important Things

There are many things that we need to done in order to secure a HR license in our hand. Let’s have a look at the important things.

  • Eyesight Test:

We have to undergo an eyesight test. There are many people who have weak eyesight but still they want to drive the truck. There is a certain criterion for it. If he passes the eyesight test then it means that he is one step promoted to achieve the license.

  • Heavy Rigid Training:

A heavy rigid training is needed. It can’t be drive like a normal truck. But we have to have a little bit experience of driving a truck. It is like a plus point for a person who has been willing to get enter in the training.

  • Knowledge Test:

A knowledge is very necessary. Passing this test is equally important. We have to know how of the basic things that are available in the truck. Also, we are aware of the rules and regulations. As we all know, the traffic rules are different for high ways so, a driver has to be aware about all the rules.

  • Pass Practical Test:

At the training school, all the candidates have to pass a practical test. They are given a truck to drive at the empty rods to check the confidence level and the knowledge. Also, the driving skills. If he is driving according to the standards mentioned then he can easily have a license but if he is failed then he has to attempt one more time until he gets succeeded.

  • Pass Medical Standards:

Passing medical standards is also very necessary. A person having heart issues or any other serious issues are not granted license. A driver has to be medically fit.

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